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General Excitement

Starting with a small step in sharing views and experiences of devotees of Shree Gajanan Maharaj, we have a big dreams to reach many more. Our passion is to make aware of our guru’s thoughts to the guests who landed first time on this web site. 

Life and thoughts of Shree Gajanan Maharaj is guaranteed to meet piece in existing life style with motivation and strive to be with the honest mind and thus bring a smile on face.  


Faith is a basic of religion while acceptance establishes on experience of individual. Indian religion advocates duty and sacrifice. These two ideals can help in individual to reach at top. By executing duties and sacrificing greed one can adhere good thoughts and achieve harmony and prosperity.


Religion generally involves feelings, customs and faith which are very close to the heart and hence it is possible to achieve selfless service still intellectual capacity drags individuals for selfish motives. If faith and acceptance do not go hand in hand, then the intellect dominates and self-centered behavior comes to the fore. Hence Indian philosophy propagates a perfect balance between thought and believes that inspiring man to follow the path of righteousness.